YRISH Technolgy

YRISH Technology

YRISH Technology S.C.A. is a techno and social health company that uses Artificial Intelligence to care for the elderly, people at risk of physical dependence or with reduced mobility.

Our products and services go through the implementation of electronic detection devices for fragile people together with our own integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) system. Although many companies in the security and health surveillance technology sector present products similar to those that YRISH Technology offers, none of them present data integration by processing them with Artificial Intelligence.

The ultimate reason for using this AI technology is simple:

Medicine and its concepts are broad and complex and day after day the healthcare system is committed to making the patient an active part of the decisions made regarding their health. It would therefore be advisable for the patient to have access to their own, personalized, computerized and easy-to-use library, so that each day they can be a more active part and, in addition, they can see their progress directly, thereby giving a better report to their family doctor or specialist in the evolution of your disease.

But not only is a patient self-report library offered. We are also committed to acting as a bridge between the patient who suffers a home emergency and the health service. For this reason, our system presents different medical detectors that allow a first contact with the urgent situation suffered by the patient. Furthermore, the AI ​​system makes it possible to predict future events by comparing them with similar past situations, and thereby provide even greater safety coverage to the dependent person at home (for example, detection of falls, the sixth most frequent cause of morbidity and mortality in Spain).

Although this represents a first approach to the medical-technological field that is to come in the next decade, YRISH Technology is committed to accessing three spaces that surround patient care: Hospitals and outpatient clinics, where the implementation of YRISH Technology's AI could allow greater reliability in the diagnosis and management of diseases (and thus lower costs for care times), in residences for the elderly, for the management of elderly people who are grouped in the same building) and in private homes, for clients who cannot afford to access a residence for their elders.