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Poor ventilation is a common cause of excessive concentrations of carbon dioxide indoors. It is related to the health of the occupants ...

The term “indoor air quality” applies to non-industrial indoor environments: office buildings, public buildings (schools, places of leisure, restaurants, etc.) and private homes.

Air quality
Air quality

Air quality not only plays an important role in human well-being, but also in biological, chemical and physical processes. Many different gases, vapors, and dusts - even if produced by natural processes - can contribute to reduced air quality.

The air quality detector measures the following measured variables: Carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration, temperature, humidity, formaldehyde (CH2O occasionally also known as HCHO).

To monitor indoor air quality in indoor spaces such as classrooms, offices and homes, we use an air quality meter that measures both the carbon dioxide content and the temperature and humidity of the indoor air.

Monitors the main pollutants and factors that affect indoor air quality, including pm2.5, temperature and humidity.