Gas Leak Detector

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The gas leak sensor detects the presence of gases in an area, typically as part of a security system. This device is used to detect a gas leak, oxygen depletion, or other emissions (combustible, flammable, and toxic gases).

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Gas Leak Detector

Interact with a control system to automatically shut down a process. The gas detector sounds an alarm in the area where the leak occurs. It is a reliable tool capable of lasting up to five years, however its overall function depends on user maintenance, battery inspection, and calibration. Calibration is a safety procedure to ensure that the detectors measure the correct level of gas. In addition, the life of this device depends on the amount of gas vapors to which it is exposed.

The gas detector measures the concentration of various gases. It is usually used to avoid toxic exposure and fire. It is used for security purposes and as portable or stationary (fixed) units.