Non-Invasive Glucometer

PPG Non-Invasive Glucometer Vital Signs Measurements

Measurement using infrared spectroscopy in some regions of the light spectrum to obtain glucose levels in a non-invasive way.

Project under development that consists of the design and elaboration of a portable device by means of an embedded system to obtain glucose levels using the infrared spectroscopy technique in the infrared regions medium MIR and near infrared NIR.

Glucómetro YRISH
Non-Invasive Glucometer

Non-Invasive Glucometer

Spectroscopy is the study of the properties of light and its interaction with other components. If a ray of light hits an object, be it a solid object or in our case human tissue, part of this light will be refracted, another part of the light is absorbed and another part is reflected. Spectroscopy uses the amount of absorbed light to perform an analysis of its electromagnetic spectrum, making comparisons with a base spectrum and subsequently performing a Fourier transform.
If the amount of light absorbed is analyzed and quantified, this data can be used to perform glucose concentration analysis without the need to invade the tissue, since the infrared light beam that hits the tissue does not generate any type of irritation or discomfort.