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YRISH Technology S.C.A. is a Technological and Social Health development company for Software and Hardware, which applies Artificial Intelligence for the surveillance and care inside and outside the home of elderly people, at risk of dependency or with reduced mobility, creating applications adapted for people with motor disabilities and development of devices for the safety of people.


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Health sector

Artificial Intelligence (AI) applied to the health field is based on the use of algorithms and software techniques to predict human cognition through the analysis of medical data sets. The potential of artificial intelligence in the field of health not only improves the diagnosis of many pathologies, but also facilitates the reduction of medical errors.


The monitoring and surveillance of people remotely allows to extend the functionalities of clinics and hospitals to the patient's home.


The surveillance of people inside and outside the home allows the System to warn of possible accidents before they happen.

Predictive Analysis

We use predictive analytics to determine which patients are at risk for developing certain disorders or diseases.

Products and services

Our Products and Services go through the implementation of electronic detection sensors for fragile people together with our own integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) system, with integration of data processing and interpretation.


Biomedical Measurements

We use biomedical sensors to detect medically relevant indicators ranging from simple physical parameters like heart rate and galvanic skin response.

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Monitoring and Health

We monitor people inside and outside the home using detectors of presence, movement, falls, presence in bed, dangerous situations and control of taking medications.

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Home Safety

We complete security systems for people at home with gas, smoke, fire and water detectors, open door or window detectors, air quality control (CO2) and microparticles.

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We work to help people and apply technology to people who need it, solving security, medical care and communication problems.


Javier Zambrana

Systems Engineer
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Fabio Malo

Graduated in Medicine
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Rabee Kalhum

IT Technician
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Mª Jesús Córdoba

Social Worker
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