Movement detector

Electrocardiogram Movement detector Monitoring and Health

The motion detector is a small device that allows you to identify any movement that takes place in front of your viewing angle. When identifying a presence, the security system is activated in various ways: by sounding the alarm siren or blocking access to the house, at the same time it monitors the movements of people who live alone and sends information to caregivers or relatives in case of detecting dangerous situations.

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Movement detector
Infrared or PIR detector

Device equipped with infrared sensors that detects the infrared radiation emitted naturally by the person or animal that passes in front of its field of action, and thus signals its presence.

Its operation is based on the variation in temperature that occurs with the human presence with respect to the same space when it is empty. They are characterized by more accurately detecting the movements that "cross" their field of vision with respect to those movements that occur from or towards the device.

In order to achieve total reliability, this technology also integrates a special light filter that eliminates any possibility of false detections caused by visible light (solar rays), as well as special circuits that give greater immunity to radio frequency waves.