Bed Presence Detector

Electrocardiogram Bed Presence Detector Monitoring and Health

It is a bed occupancy monitor that allows detecting the fall of a patient from the bed or as an element to prevent errant patients in the room.

The device is designed specifically for people with severe mobility problems and / or people suffering from dementia.
This device communicates wirelessly with other devices related to the safety of people, thus complying with all compatibility requirements.

Presence in Bed
Presence in Bed

The bed sensor is a high-tech device that allows you to monitor whether the patient gets out of bed.

The double confirmation system allows to differentiate if the user gets out of bed or if it is a fall. When the user stops receiving pressure on the bed, this sensor generates an event that acts on a second sensor that detects whether the user is standing, moving or lying on the floor.

The system allows programming a reasonable time for the patient to return to bed (in the event that they have gotten up to the bathroom, for example), generating the alarm after this time has elapsed or issuing the alarm immediately if the user has suffered a fall .